AITA Global

Welcome to the Home of Australian Innovation Technology Aerospace Pty Ltd (“AITA”), a company of passionate people working together to combine their wealth of experiences and delivering world class solutions in the aviation and aerospace sectors.

The driving purpose of AITA’s UAV designs and services is to achieve significant improvements in:

Find your innovative solution here amongst our specific services including applications for:

  • Bushfire Hazard-reduction Burning
  • Bushfire Monitoring, Observation and Operations Management Platform

  • Emergency Response
  • Search & Rescue Operations

  • Disaster Response
  • Agriculture & Pastural Management
  • Anti-Poaching – Stealth and Positioning
  • Geographical Surveying and Aerial Mapping

  • Forestry & Wildlife Observation and Management
  • Carbon Farming and Sequestration
  • Spectrometric and Magnetic Aerial Surveys

  • Commercial Applications (including Mining and Oil &Gas)
  • Government & Military Applications including Border Monitoring

  • Oceanic Applications (such as Coastline Monitoring and Mapping) and Fisheries
  • Urgent and High-value Courier Services