Our range of UAV’s was developed to meet the specific requirements across a range of services in regions as diverse as Australia, Canada and the US. The model range delivers capabilities which include high dash speeds, loiter, long range and high altitude capabilities suitable for applications in sparse desert areas, dense rainforests, open oceans and mountainous terrains. Payload capabilities range from as little as 80kg to over 600kg with incredibly long flying times.

Pioneer Overview

Designed mainly with fire management in mind, it has dusk to dawn, dawn to dusk operational capability. Crew changes every 8hrs. The Field Control manager has direct access to pilot and payload officer. Instant repairs in field, back up aircraft at hand prepared and ready for flight. Stable platform (vibrations extremely low). View from pilot’s camera 360 degrees. View from operator’s camera 360 degrees. Redundancy on all control systems. Can fly on a single engine should one engine fail. Auto pilot has 3 built in back-up systems that automatically engage if one fails including a return to base if all fail. Most importantly, the crew are 100% safe.

Pioneer Specifications

Pioneer UAVs for fire management - AITA Global - Perth WA

Pioneer 7.0m Wingspan

Design options and capabilities for advanced missions include but not limited to:

  1. Extra fuel carrying enough fuel to fly continuous missions for up to 30 hrs;
  2. Increase in range of 660 kms limited to a total range of 2,860 km;
  3. A total design that goes beyond 150 kg capacity of up to 180 kg;
  4. Increase in distance;
  5. Increased payload subject to fuel load;
  6. Airframe designed to pull 9.5 G.’s;
  7. Range of sophisticated cameras that are not military but carry the same performance specifications designed for civilian use such as FLIR, Day/Night vison, Laser target designation and GPS reference;
  8. Pilots view camera;
  9. Over 1,000-way point settings with constant changeable updates;
  10. Auto Pilot Military spec that contains 3 A.I. backup systems in case of failure;
  11. Return to home if signal lost and accept re direction whilst roaming for ground control signal;
  12. Engine redundancy in case of engine failure;
  13. Able to cruise on one engine and restart the 2nd engine whilst in flight. (Fuel saving);
  14. Payload Pack changes within minutes;
  15. Payload Parachute System for supply drop;
  16. Systems radio link for operations of up to 250 km radius;
  17. Satellite operations for increased range.

At a Glance

Wingspan: 7m
Engine: 2 x 15hp (fuel injection option available)
Stall Speed: 45 kt stall speed
Take-off Weight: 330 lb, (150 kg)
Max Speed at SL: 125 kts
Max Speed at 15,000 ft: 113 kts
Transit Speed at 15,000 ft: 113 kts (max achievable, 55% power)
Range at 15,000 ft & 113 kts: 1,000 Nm (1,850 kms)
Flight Time at 77 kts and 15,000 ft: 16 hrs plus
Range at 77 kts, 15,000 ft: 1,200 Nm range (2,200 kms)
Fuel: 100 lbs
Payload: 40 – 60 kgs