Our range of UAV’s was developed to meet the specific requirements across a range of services in regions as diverse as Australia, Canada and the US. The model range delivers capabilities which include high dash speeds, loiter, long range and high altitude capabilities suitable for applications in sparse desert areas, dense rainforests, open oceans and mountainous terrains. Payload capabilities range from as little as 80kg to over 600kg with incredibly long flying times.

Ground Station Features

  1. Design based on standard 6m x 3m ISO-tainer (shipping container) design for robustness and transportability;
  2. Each station is transportable and readily relocatable to suit mission requirements;
  3. Each ground station can be coupled with its own support vehicle for frequent location changes;
  4. Ground stations are fully enclosed operations centres accommodating the pilot, co-pilot / payload operator as well as client’s operations personnel / observers;
  5. The system is designed to be a 24 hour self-contained unit;
  6. Mission capability with 3 crew shifts of 24 hours providing continuous flight capability;
  7. Optional power supplies to suit local conditions including supply by either local grid (mains), mobile generator or support vehicle;
  8. Each ground station can handle a single aircraft and up to six aircraft on the same system depending on mission conditions and requirements.